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Welcome to Sunrise Pharmaceuticals

SUNRISE PHARMACEUTICALS is a part of a major pharmaceutical group with a wide global footprint. Best Pharma Company in vijaywada-andhra-pradesh. The company develops & markets a wide range of quality and affordable generic and branded drugs. As a progressive company, it integrates people, processes and potentials towards the betterment of human life.
SUNRISE PHARMACEUTICALS is well organized by our young & dynamic visionary Managing Director / Chairman Mr.Kunal Shah, with the support of well efficient professionals with several years of experience in professional capacities to add & effort to address the current vacuum in a largely disorganized sector.
Our manufacturing capability includes a wide range of therapeutic products covering segments like Antibiotics/Antibacterials, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Ulcerant, Anti-Allergic, Multivitamins & Food Supplements, Injectables, Liquids, Softgelatins.
Given our strong emphasis on product quality and services, Sunrise Pharmaceuticals has been able to launch products with enhanced release profiles to ensure better treatment compliance and dosage convenience.

Our Vision

We aim to be a leading pharmaceutical company recognized in India and abroad for introducing good quality products, which shall be affordable and very useful for the community. We also aspire to give the best value to our stake holders through our quality and consumer oriented services and innovative products. Best Pharmaceutical Company in vijaywada-andhra-pradesh.

Our Team

Assisted by a highly experienced and qualified team of experts, we are meeting the accurately meeting the requirements of our valuable clientele. Best Pharma PCD in vijaywada-andhra-pradesh. Regular training programs and seminars are organized by us to keep our personnel aware of the prevailing industrial developments as well as to enhance their knowledge related to the concerned domain.

Quality & Pricing

The Quality and pricing of our company products are accepted and appreciated by professional Medical Practioners.The company is enriched with WHO, GMP and ISO 9001 and is ECA qualified.

• Timely Services & Regular Supplies.
• Long Lasting Transparent Dealings.
• Responsible and honest Transactions.
• No Supplies without your Confirmed Orders.
• Attractive Packing (Latest Alu Alu /Strip pack)
• Most Competitive Rates.
• Latest Molecules.
• Promotional Inputs (Working Bag, Visual Aid, Product Cards, Catch Covers, Remainder Cards etc.)

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